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     It gives me  great pleasure to intro-duce  MAUREEN and her images to my web site.
      MAUREEN E CIZMAN  has been on various expeditions with me for over 40 years.
      So here we go with her first contrib-ution, enjoy! Maureen can be contact thru her web address.

      Hello, thank you for looking at my website.

     If everyone contributed a token amount such as $2 from time to time, I can continue to keep it up.
      If I am unable to recover some of the hosting, operating cost will shut down in a year or so.
      Contact me for how to contribute by e-mailing me at dusancizman@megawire.ca

      Inquire please.


   It is  a pleasure to share my pictures on my husband's website.  We have done a lot of  travelling for many years all over the world. 
   It is another world looking though the lens.
  Maureen E Cizman


Photo on the left

The Niagara Falls.


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